Fenestrated Drape

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Material:48gsm SMMS Fabric
Size:26" * 44" or Customized
Color:Blue, Green,Customized
Components:1 pc hole drape,1pc wrapping
Packing:1pc/bag, 90 bag/ cartons
Carton Size:45*30*50cm
Detailed Description for sterile disposable fenestrated drape:
1. Made of high quality SMS/SMMS/SMMMS;
2. Sterile and non sterile available;
3. Individual sterile bag packing;
4. CSR wrapping available;
5. CE and ISO13485 certificates are available, contact us for more information.
Disposable nonwoven hole drape can be used in hospital/ medical and biological research institution. Surgical eye drape can protect the medical workers from being fected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.
1. It is most important to minimize crose-infection during surgery. The eye drape are designed and manufactured in cleaning workshop, safety and comfort for both patient and surgeon.
2. The non-woven materials are carefully studied and closed to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood and other fluids. This is in combination with a major concern for comfort and performance.
SMS hole drape 26" * 24"
Back of fenestrated drape KD-55203.
1pc eye drape, 1pc wrapping.
Disposable Sterile EENT Surgical Pack I with CE and ISO13485 20 years Manufacturer
1,We offers extensive surgical drape and surgical pack line.
2,Our surgical packs include procedural accessories essential to the surgeon.
3,Created specifically for procedure necessity and clinician's preference.
4,Our extensive pack line offers a variety of options for every customer .
Competitive Advantage:
1, 18 years manufacturing experience with more than 200 skilled employees.
2, Competitive and stable price because we are factory.
3, The delivery time is within 30 days after confirming the order.
4, OEM service. More options on material, pattern, size and packing.
5, No just offer the high quality goods, also offer the best service and market solutions.
6, Free sample. New sample, pre-production sample, production sample are free.
7, Professional export service. Documentation, clearance, sea transportation.Fenestrated Drape


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