Azzanadra will take each one the ignredients from you

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Nicely done, now return to RuneScape gold the pyramid so that I may teach you the way to completely sanctify the changes once more! Sanctifying the Altars. Proceed to Azzanadra in his pyramid. He'll appear there once you arrive at his throne room. Speak with him. I have begun to learn how to sanctify the altars.

Great. Here is what you need: a vial filled with water, a rannar weed, a jug of wine, plus a ruined relic of my master's enemies A ruined relic of one of Zaros' enemies? Can you repeat what I need please? (Azzanadra will replicate all then required things, and you will return to these options) I will get them as soon as I can (endings conversation) Yes, adventurer. You must bring to me a ruined relic of Zaros' enemies.

Who had been Zaros' enemies? I'll find one as quick as possible. (ends conversation) My master, Zaros, had many enemies, but the most common one today is Zamorak. Bring to me a destroyed object of Zamorak. All right, I will see what I could do. Check:'A ruined symbol of Zamorak.') Talk with Azzanadra when you've got these ingredients. He will appear in his throne room when you have all of the components when you enter into the pyramid.

I have all the components I need. Azzanadra will take each one the ignredients from you. He'll combine the unholy logo dust, and then the rannar bud, and then the wine into the water-filled vial. He'll hand back to one of the empty jug, and buy RS gold a Potion of Zaros (4) (You can not drink this potion. Examine:'A powerful, sanctifying potion.')


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