I find no reason to perform the assassin minigame after

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The pursuit seems OSRS gold a bit rushed, and the manner by which the NPCs talk doesn't sound like actual people. Also, I believe like the pursuit is somewhat illogical. Should you need to set a town guard, why do you visit Sedridor? If I did not have a guide, I'd be hunting for hoursand likely give up, until one day I happened to speak with Sedridor and I noticed the choice for the pursuit.

If there is no logical route, then there's no reason to move there. Even that one knight in Varrock who is responsible for the guard.

Second, there is not any reason for Sigmund to be there. The HAM storyline is profoundly involving Dorgeshuun, and nobody wishes to kill the main bad guy in an entirely unrelated pursuit, what will the final one be about? There's no point also, having Sigmund there added nothing to the plotline of the quest. He retired! The Swan Song was his last foray prior to retirment, since that is exactly what Swan Song signifies. Again, having there didn't really add anything, you were better off taking an NPC in the pursuit.

I find no reason to perform the assassin minigame after. If we count summmoning to the film, the highest amount of money you can ever get from it's 1380 gp, that is not worthwhile whatsoever. By the time you're in a position to kill the level 150 in the quest, that amount of cash isn't worth drifting around the world to find a level 50 assassin. At the same time, it doesn't deserve a higher benefit, because it'd be much too easy. It's really kind of pointless cheap RS gold since it's. I believe the idea as a whole is good, but it requires a whole lot of polishing. As a side note, assassin is spelled with four ' complete.


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