When inside a"Safehouse" that you are not at your enemy

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There could be three arenas: Standard combat. I know I haven't got TBC Classic Gold to the specifics or precisely how it would work, but for now all I'm looking is some feed back to this idea to enlarge. I really don't think it could be too hard to get geniouses like Jagex to create since it is predicated on FoG, Clan Wars, Deul Arena, Castle wars, and wilderness. So what do you think?

Some Minigame Suggestions

I chose theres a few minigames that I note should have a couple things repaired, so that I decided I need to put them . Clan wars: In some stadium, if someone breaks a rule inside the arena, and your always under attack, you cannot report them. And if you are at a place with several amounts of people, you might lose the username! I suggest if you click the report abuse button you get pulled out of the fight for a temporary 10 seconds, along with the 60 seconds of reporting still applies.

When running back in a fight for a total amount of kills round, it can be tiresome to run back through both portal sites. I suggest that they make a doorway on where you expire, so you can go back into conflict more quickly. Dangerous Free For All, where enemy can get some of your things if you perish, today doesn't let you return to your grave. I think they need to add in letting you grab whatever your enemy did not, as it might make it seem more fun to perform with.

In the Free For All arena's, there are a couple of areas where you can range individuals from another side of a structure, but you may only take action if you go into the very edges. I suggest that they let it go to a wider array, since it makes the battles easier and more honest to rangers and mages. I'll add more to this part after.

Fist of Guthix: If your target runs inside the centre where you will find LOADS of individuals, bring your goal into the top of the list for"attack". Allow the feature to"challenge" individuals beyond the lobby, but obtain no tokens from that around. Only pair individuals to resist inside a 40 digit level against every other. Remove the charms from the spellbook that you can't use, it just should not be there in case it doesn't let you use things like"superheat".

When inside a"Safehouse" that you are not at your enemy, but it causes some damag.e As opposed to some low levels, these can hit high enough to make them die very fast. I suggest they tone down the damge to 3's and 5's for everything 30.

I CANNOT tell you just how uneven the caves are. Create a"reserve" system. This is the way it would work: Let's state that the cave is at max, and small Joey wants to go in, but folks are clicking quicker than him to get in. Click "input" or"reserve". Reserve will leave you a spot and alert you with a message if your allowed to go in, but you only have 10 minutes to run in. And if you leave the bounty hunter area, you'll be taken out of the list.

Upon entering, you'll find any random goal in the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold area. I suggest that they attempt to make your goal the nearest level to yours. As you can see, I am not even near being done with BH. I'll hopefully find more to add after.


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