I remember launch had dual xp weekends also every 1 - 2 weekends

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This isn't a mobile game which you can just make it AFK or a sport in which you may pay for to the top level, and I feel this is mostly centered on the old player foundation while I do agree some parts of the leveling has been slow, but that is how it had been. You might say folks don't have that much time anymore we're not children anymore.... and?

In 2009-2010 I had just started school and had to work too, because of this I was just able to perform 2-3 hours every day and still enjoy most of the"grinding" and leveling, some of my own legion-mates were busy with life and work, ofc there were people who could play 6-7 hours every day but not even one could believe - Oh I am busy so this match should be quicker to level up since"I" can not place the time...

You cant place the time that's ok, people have different schedules and responsibilities but this genre was made to be a slow burner, so that's one of the reasons why the genre remains in life-support only because they try to make it fast and simple when this should be rewarding and challenging at the exact same time, you would not request an FPS game to have an auto-aim right?

In other words, enjoy the trip, not the destination.

P.D. I do agree with creating the leveling a bit quicker, but NCsoft has shown many times they can not restrain their greed and if they're given a small explanation, they will fill the game in the first two weeks with P2W stuff.

I can definitely see where you are coming out, but I'm confident it will be far from'too' simple. It's still going to have a month or 2 at minimum for casual gamers to reach max level, even when they are playing daily. The grind will still be there, we'll nevertheless be performing FT many many occasions, grinding many elites and a lot of repeatable quests to go from 30-45, it's going to be less than it was at launch.

I remember launch had dual xp weekends also every 1 - 2 weekends (EU did anyhow ), and it was excruciatingly slow. I hope there will be a mixture of folks reaching 50 within a month that know the game inside out and have a great deal of free time, and others that take 2-3 months playing or maybe spending some time on crafting/gathering skills rather than

I think we're all skeptical of the euro aion classic buy kinah cash store and battle pass, we'll have to see how it ends up and hope they do not start letting people to pay for free AP crowns.


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