Speak to the thief in the cell

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Mission 2: Eavesdrop on the Ceremony For this mission to OSRS Accounts begin, you need some Zamorak costumes. Put them on and speak to an Chaos Druid Mage(not one of the 13-levels) in Taverly Dungeon. He will inform you that the ritual is nearly complete however they need to get something from Lord Salarin. You can go to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park to purchase an herb that is blessed. The mage will take it The potions will explode, the mission completed.

Mission 3 - A sequel to Devious Minds, sorta. Remember when at the end of Devious Minds, you were told that the Temple Knights would try to recreate the Bow Sword you made? For this, you must test it out. You will need to have 20 attack and 34 range.

You'll be provided with a bow sword and 20 mithril arrows. You will then be you will be placed in a room with a few enemies. You will have to deal 20 damage by ranging, and 40 damage with melee with your bow. Mission completed. You will be awarded additional Bow Swords as a reward. They can be used to perform melee or range attacks.

Mission 4: To catch an thief. Go to Port Sarim Jail for this mission. Speak to the thief in the cell. He will later mention that he hid some expensive loot. The thief isn't going to speak, since only his companion knows where the location is. Find the 16th level Thief at Port Sarim, and select Follow. He'll eventually be in front of the odd statue in Port Sarim. When he leaves, dig with a spade to find the treasure. Then return it to Tiffy Cashien

Amazing for an outlander. What made you decide to visit Solar Isle? I have come seeking a membership in the Solar Tribe. To join us, you will need to kill the Ethernal Gardians. They are located deep under the Solar dungeon and within the Lunar Tunnels. There is only one method to buy OSRS Fire Cape eliminate Ethernal Gaurdians.


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