However, the importance goes like this in pvp

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Hi, I experienced the same issue. After searching for a few hours I deleted the config.ini in your Aion/bin64, folder, and it didn't solve the issue, so I changed the name of aion classic kinah the aion.bin in the /bin32 directory to the correct name. It turned out for whatever reason launcher was trying to launch a 32 bit version instead of 64bit that didn't work in any way and gave me the exact black screen immediately after the initial logo.

Although, considering that you may have already renamed it, and it didn't work (you did not specify what you were renaming, maybe wrong files? ) Perhaps there's another issue, which I'm not aware about. It did work for me.

Playing from the netherlands I'm able to get around 100 ping with exitlag. It's very playable and I'm feeling competitive. But unless you are planning to play for 12+ hours a day it's not necessary to worry about it as you're not competing against the top 1% anyways if that's the scenario.

This was also a fantastic illustration of community involvement. The 105k AION used for the prize pool was raised by the Treasury. Following the news of miner, staker, and longtime member SavageMine's passing in a tragic manner the community voted to donate 25 percent of the prize pool to his family (plus 20k AION as a donation directly) to aid them during this difficult time.

Although you can call me snowflakes however, I find open-world pvp significantly more difficult than it was when I first began playing it 10 years ago. It's probably because since then, I've played many competitive esports titles where the level of play and sheer skill determine who will win. Whereas, I used to just think, well just gotta accept your mistakes and learn from it. I also do want to throw out that I do love aion pvp, and I liked higher-level pvp like Tiamaranta's Eye or even organized pvp like coliseum. It's easier to keep everyone to be on the same page as well as more competitive.

However, the importance goes like this in pvp, the order of class, gear, and skill and being killed for the hundredth time with a sin/ranger in the 20% range of hp for farming mobs gets increasingly difficult. It's difficult to imagine that someone could be content with taking out people who are inadequately leveled, not able to compete and poorly equipped. Although buy aion classic kinah eu I know I'm taking that risk in a pvpve area I'm sure that many people don’t value actual competition.


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